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Choices Turns 10

We are celebrating 10 years of Choices

In July 2006, Skyy released Choices. Ten Years later, not only is it still relevant but growing in popularity every day.
Skyy first wrote Choices while dealing with a hard break up. After four days of writing and crying, the first draft of Choices was complete. She signed with Kings Crossing Publishing, an independent bookseller who first published Choices in July of 2006. A few years later, Choices was picked up, and re-released by Carl Weber and Urban Books. Now the full series is available nationally and internationally.
To celebrate, Skyy is giving away limited edition, 1st edition, collector's copies of Choices. These book are no longer available and will never be available again. To enter to win a copy all you need to do is share your love for the Choices series on your social media with the hashtag #Choices10. Take a photo of yourself with your copy of Choices. Don't forget to tag Skyy @simplyskyy and use hashtag #Choices10.


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Contemporary fiction writer who focuses on telling stories unique and realistic stories.

Meet Skyy

Skyy is a 32-year-old author, screenwriter and playwright from Memphis, TN. Her first novel, “Choices” was released in 2006 and quickly gained popularity both within the gay, lesbian and urban fiction community. The highly anticipated sequel, “Consequences” was released in 2009 with high praises and rocketed to the top 10 lesbian best-sellers lists on and independent bookstores across the country. Since the release of “Choices”, Skyy has been a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, the Micahel Baisden Show. In 2010 Skyy debuted her first sold out stage play entitled “III” (Three), receiving high praise..



Skyy's Choices amounts to a story with heart. The author has taken the black college experience and made it her own - lesbian style. Classes, parties, sororities...all of it creates a fresh story that hasn't been done this well in black lesbian novels. Bravo, Skyy! ...

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It seems that Skyy teased her readers with her debut novel, Choices. Now, she is back with Consequences and will surely solidify her name on some reader's favorite authors list. Choices left us wondering quite a few things, but Consequences bridges the gap ...

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Crossroads is a book that grabs your attention from the minute you read the first page and keeps your attention until the last word on the last page. ...

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I have loved watching this group grow and mature. I hated for the series to come to an end. Great job on this book and the series as a whole. Can't wait for the movie!!! ...

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